.25-20 SINGLE SHOT by Peters, One Cartridge not a Box
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NOT to be confused with the .25-20 WCF or .25-20 Winchester.

One Cartridge, not a box: .25-20 Single Shot by the *Peters Cartridges Company,  before Peters Cartridge Company was bought by Remington Arms company in 1934. Produced by Peters. with “PETERS. 25-20" Head-Stamp and loaded with lead projectiles. These cartridges are at least 80 years old, may have very minor spots , but in excellent condition for their age.

*PETERS: The Peters Cartridge Company was an early manufacturer of cartridge ammunition for small arms. The company was founded in 1887 and sold to Remington Arms Company in 1934.

History of the .25-20 Single-Shot and/or 6.5x41Rmm:
NOT to be confused with the .25-20 WCF or .25-20 Winchester
The .25-20 Single Shot was designed by J. Franis Rabbeth a European designer of  metric cartridges, as the (metric)  6.5x41Rmm cartridge around 1982 for use in different single-shot rifles, Remington, Stevens, Maynard, etc. in Europe.
Later in the United States around 1886 the cartridge (under the American .25-20 Single Shot name) was introduced by the Union Metallic Company and later by a few other companies for use in USA single-shot rifles.
The cartridge was replaced by the more powerful.25-20 WCF (or .25-20 winchester)  in the mid. 1890s.

  • Manufacturer: Peters Cartridge Company

.25-20 SINGLE SHOT by Peters, One Cartridge not a Box

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