.25-20 Winchester by Win. 86 gr. Lead. One Cartridge not a Box
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Please Note: This is NOT the .25-20 Single Shot Cartridge..

One Cartridge, not a box: .25-20 *WCF or .25-20 Winchester by Winchester/Western, factory production using (then new) Winchester Wesrtern brass cases with the older  “W-W 25-20 WIN” Head-stamp and loaded 86 grain Lead projectile.  The .25-20 cartridges are unavailable and basically obsolete at this writing .
*WCF = Winchester Center-Fire

History of the .25-20 WCF or .25-20 Winchester Cartridge:
The .25-20 WCF or .25-20 Winchester was introduced around 1893-95 by Winchester for the Winchester 1892 Lever-Action Rifle and later for the Remington Model 25 Pump-Action Rifle  Marlin Model 1894 CL Lever-Auction rifle, Savage Model 23 Bolt-Action rifle, with others to follow.
The 25.20 is basically a .32-20 necked down from .32 caliber (.32") to .25 caliber to accept  (.257") bullets.
It was one of the first varmint cartridges to be introduced before the famous 22 Hornet or .218 Bee and was good out to 150 yards with various bullet weights.
Now almost obsolete today except for a special run from time to time.

  • Manufacturer: Winchester / Wesrtern Comapny

.25-20 Winchester by Win. 86 gr. Lead. One Cartridge not a Box

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