.25 NAA, HEAVY 50 Grain FMJ, One Package of 20 Cartridges!
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ONE PACKAGE OF 20 CARTRIDGES : .25 NAA (NAA for North American Arms Firearms) custom hand made for A Call to Arms, LLC using New COR-BON brass cases  and loaded with a HEAVY 50 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) projectile. (see also JHP below in related items

(Single cartridges in below related items)

History of the .25 NAA Cartridge:
The .25 North American Arms, a/k/a 25 NAA was first developed in 1999 by J.B. Woods, a writer for Kentucky Arms, by necking down a .32 ACP case to .25 caliber (.32" down to .25" diameter). It was introduced to the market in 2004 by North American Arms for their Guardian mini-pistol. The ammunition is only made by COR-BON to my knowledge as of Oct. 16, 2014. COR-BON Box reads "1,200 FPS, 112 ft/lbs."
. 25 NAA, .35 grain JHP, North American Arms. One Package of 20 Cartridges, VOLUME DISCOUNTS, Please Click on Title or picture for more details.

  • Manufacturer: Custom loaded for A Call to Arms, LLC

.25 NAA, HEAVY 50 Grain FMJ, One Package of 20 Cartridges!

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