.270 Winchester, "Frontier" H/S, JSP, One Cartridge not a Box!
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Please Note on above, price on right , for size comparison, (Left) is 270 Winchester vs. (Right) 30-06.

One Cartridge, not a box: .270 Winchester with Obsolete "Frontier" Head-Stamp by Hornady USA, new production using new then  new brass cases with “ FRNTIER 270 WIN” Head-Stamp and loaded with 130  grain Spire point Interlock or JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectile.

History of the .270 Winchester Cartridge:
The 30-06 was introduced in 1906 and soon after wildcatters started experimenting with the cartridge by necking it up or down to accept other size caliber projectiles.
One of those wildcats was a .270-06, or a .30-06 (.30" or 30 caliber)  necked down to accept .277" or .270 Caliber (6.8mm) projectiles. Winchester standardized this wildcat and introduced it in 1925 as the .270 Winchester.
Standing the test of time, this is a great hunting cartridge with bullet weights from 90 to 180 grains, velocity from 2,500 to over 3600 feet per second, and energy from 2,590 to over 3,000 foot pound per square inch.

  • Manufacturer: Hornady Manufacturing Company, USA

.270 Winchester, "Frontier" H/S, JSP, One Cartridge not a Box!

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