.308 Marlin Express by Hornady, FTX, One Cartridge Not A Box
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Please note: pictured above, on right side:, On Left .308 marlin Express vs. Right .308 Winchester, for size comparsion

One Cartridge, not a box:  .308 Marlin Express factory loaded by Hornady Manufacturing Company using new Hornady brass cases with “ HORNADY 308 MARLIN EXP” Head-Stamp loaded with a 160 Grain FTX or PCJHP (Plastic Covered Jacketed Hollow Point)  projectile.

History of the .308 Marlin Express Cartridge:                   
Introduced in 2007 the .308 Marlin Express was designed Hornady Cartridge Company and Marlin Rifle Company.
It is basically shortened a .307 Rimmed cartridge or shortened .308 Winchester cartridge with a rim added, and designed to work in short action Lever-Action rifles, first used in the Marlin Model 336 Lever-Action Rifle.
Hornady and Marlin claimed (in 2007) that the 308 Marlin Express performance rivals the 308 Winchester, but with less recoil, enhanced terminal performance of the Evolution TM bullet featuring Flex TipTM Technology 160 Grain Projectile at 2660 Feet per Second 2,513 Foot Pounds of Energy should do the job on most big game!

  • Manufacturer: Hornady Manufacturing Company, USA

.308 Marlin Express by Hornady, FTX, One Cartridge Not A Box

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