.38 Smith & Wesson, 38 S&W Lead, Box of 50 cartridges
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Please note this is not the 38 S&W "Special" cartridge

One Box of 50 Cartridges. 38 Smith & Wesson, newly made using New Brass and a 146 grain, lead  Projectile.

Volume Discounts:

One Box @ $49.95 a box

2 Boxes  @  $44.50 per box (Save $10.00 over 1 box purchase)

3 Boxes  @  $39.95 per box (Save $30.00 over 1 box purchase) 

Please Note; Single Cartridges available see below in related items.

History of the  cartridge: The .38 Smith & Wesson, a/k/a/ 38 S&W was developed by Smith & Wesson in 1877 for the Smith &Wesson hinged-frame revolver,  later used  by Great Britain and other countries for their military and police forces (also known as the 38 Colt New Police for its  use in Colt  pistols for many police forces). Though similar in name, it is NOT interchangeable with the later and far more popular .38 Smith& Wesson Special  (38 Special) due to a different case shape and slightly larger bullet diameter.

  • Item #: PB38S&WP/L146LeadBox50ct
  • Manufacturer: Precision Cartridge Company

.38 Smith & Wesson, 38 S&W Lead, Box of 50 cartridges

Price: $49.95
2 or more: $44.95 each
3 or more: $39.95 each
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