.41 Long Colt, Lead, Box of 50, Close Out, All Sales Final
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One Box of 50 Cartridges: .41 Long Colt, new, loaded with a 200 grain Lead  projectile, non-corrosive, make sure ypou pistol is in excellent condition. Case length is 1.3 inches over-all-length is 1.418 inches, rim diameter is .432 inches.

History of the 41 Long Colt cartridge: “Billy the kid” used this caliber along with Teddy Roosevelt, who carried one of these in .38 caliber during his famous charge up Kettle Hill in the Spanish American War. Please note that there 3 different case lengths in the history of the 41 Colt S.A., 41 Long Colt D.A. The original 41 Long Colt, or 41 Long Colt S.A. (Single Action Revolver ) was introduced in 1875 and was only made by Winchester. It had a case length of .767" - .768"and a case rim diameter of .467" - .471" which made it easily confused with the later
41 Short Colt D.A. (Long Case).  The 41 Colt D.A. ( Double-Action Revolver ) was introduced sometime between 1877 and 1880. After the introduction of the 41 Short Colt in 1884 the 41 Colt D.A. was renamed  the  41 Long Colt D.A.. The very early outside lubricated cartridge had a case length of .926"-.955" until the introduction of the inside lubricated cartridge in 1896 when the case  length was increased to 1.112-1.131"   Both the outside lube and inside lube 41 long Colt D.A. have a case rim diameter on .427"=.436"

.41 Long Colt, Lead, Box of 50, Close Out, All Sales Final

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