.45-110 Sharps Str. 2&7/8" JBA  Limit One Cartridge per Customer
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Please Note: Limit One Cartridge per Customer.

Please note: in the above picture on the right, for size comparison; left is 45-110 Sharps, right is Winchester 30-30. 

One Cartridge not a Box: .45-110 Sharps Straight, 2 & 7/8", custom loaded using then new, (now Obsolete) Jamison Brass cases with "45-110 SHARPS JBA" Head-Stamp and loaded with 405 grain lead projectiles.

History of the 45-110 Sharps, 3&7/8" Straight  cartridge:                                       The 45-120 Sharps cartridge was introduced around 1896 by the Sharps Rifle Company for the Sharps-Borchardt rifles in 4 verisions the 45- 90 Sharps Straight, the 45- 100 Sharps Straight, the  45- 110 Sharps Straight and the 45- Sharps Special.
The company went out of business in 1981, and the cartridges had a short life.
In the last few decades , companies have started to reproduce the rifles and cartridges, although the brass is hard to find at the time of this writing, 03/29/2019.

  • Manufacturer: Custom loaded for A Call to Arms, LLC

.45-110 Sharps Str. 2&7/8" JBA Limit One Cartridge per Customer

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