.45-75 Win Ten-X H/S, 1 Cartridge not a Box, LIMIT1 !
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One Cartridge, not a Box: .45-75 Winchester a.k.a. .45-75 Centennial by Tex-X Cartridge Company, using New Brass Cases by Ten-X with "Ten-X 45-75" HeadStamp and a 350 grain Lead projectile. Loaded to Black powder pressures, however, use only in rifles in excellent condition.  

History of .45-75 Winchester cartridge:   
The Winchester 45-75  Centennial cartridge was introduced in 1876 for the Winchester "Centennial" Lever-Action Rifle.
The Cartridge and rifle were used by Theodore Roosevelt and the Canadian Mounted Police
It was discontinued by Winchester in 1935.
I consider this one of the nicest looking cartridge ever produced.

  • Manufacturer: TEN-X

.45-75 Win Ten-X H/S, 1 Cartridge not a Box, LIMIT1 !

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