.500 Jeffery by Kynoch FMJ, One Cartridge , Not a Box !
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One Cartridge, not a box: .500 Jeffery. Manufactured  by Kynoch of Great Britain  factory loaded using new Kynoch brass cases with “ 500 JEFFERY KYNOCH” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 535 grain CPSJS (Copper Plated Steel Jacketed Solid) projectile.

History of 500 Jeffery cartridge: The .500 Jeffery was developed by Schuler, in Germany, under the European designation 12.7x70mm Schuler or .500 Schuler and introduced around 1920 by the August Schuler Company in Germany for the Schuler for bolt-action rifles. Please note this rebated, rimless cartridge, in which the case rim is a small diameter then the case. 
Similar to the .505 Gibbs but with a shorter case, the .500 Jeffery produces higher velocities and energies up to 2400 feet per second and 6800 foot pounds per square inch with a 535 grain projectile. This cartridge will stop any big game on the planet.

  • Manufacturer: Kynoch, England

.500 Jeffery by Kynoch FMJ, One Cartridge , Not a Box !

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