.505 Gibbs by GIBBS, CCSFMJ, 1 Cartridge, not a Box
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Please note: in above pictures, 3 double bullet crimps on the case mouth.

One Cartridge Not a Box: 505 Gibbs by Gibbs of Great Britain, very old factory production from the box pictured, loaded with Gibbs brass cases and a " GIBBS .505 " Head-Stamp and a 525 grain CCSFMJ (Copper Coated Steel Full Metal Jacket) projectile. Nice patina, some minor marks for age .

History 505 Gibbs cartridge: The 505 Gibbs or a.k.a. 505 Rimless was introduced in 1911 as a "Proprietary" cartridge for use in the English Gibbs bolt action sporting rifle. This cartridge produces over 6,100 foot pounds of power and is more then needed for know game in or on the planet or on the lost world of Dinosaurs.

  • Manufacturer: Gibbs, George Gibbs LLDT, Britol Great Britain

.505 Gibbs by GIBBS, CCSFMJ, 1 Cartridge, not a Box

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