.50 BMG #1, Federal LC 18, FMJ, One Cartridge , Economy Grade
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Please Note: Above Picture, Right Side: Left .50 BMG , Right .30-30 Winchester and  .22 Long Rifle, forr size comparison.

One Cartridge not a box: .50 BMG (.50 Browning Machine Gun) Newly produced by Federal Cartridge Company, USA using New 2018 Lake City Brass cases with “ · L · C ·  1 · 8 " Head-Stamp and loaded with a 660grain , M33, (Soft Steel, Jacketed) FMJ (Full Metal Jacketed Projectile, and purple primer sealant.  From Bulk Tin, economy grade, may have very minor nicks or scatchs, I consider excellent condition, but not mint, may need minor cleaning with paint thiner.LIVE AMMO. No Sales to California.

History of the .50 BMG cartridge:
This is one of the most successful military cartridges of all time. This cartridge was invented in 1918 by John Browning, the .50 BMG, also known as the  50 Browning for the 50 Browning Machine Gun. Also known as the 12.7x99mm in Europe, has been used extensively in almost every U.S.A. conflict since its adoption in 1923.
Adopted by the U.S. Military in 1923 the .50 BMG has been used longer than any other cartridge in military history.  (Note: The .45 ACP is actually older, but was technically superseded.) Technically the .50 BMG is the biggest cartridge available to shooters without encumbrance legal restrictions. (There are other wider diameter cartridges, but none larger available)

  • Manufacturer: Federal PremiumĀ® Ammuntion Co.

.50 BMG #1, Federal LC 18, FMJ, One Cartridge , Economy Grade

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