.50 BMG #6, Live "BLANK", WCC 84 H/S, One Cartridge Not A Box.
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Maximum Order is 3 cartridges on this item.
Please note on the above pictures:
1.) Far right and middle bottom shows 50 cal tin of these blank cartridges for sale and delinker tool, I use to take the banked off the links.
2.) On the picture on the far left, blank cartridge on right for sale, on the right is same cartridge cleaned with brass polish.

One Cartridge , not a box: .50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun), LIVE “BLANK”, from 50 caliber box of linked, blank cartridges, may have minor spots, minor scratches may need light cleaning with paint thinner, and if you wish polish it with brass polish, (no included). Factory produced by Western Cartridge Company / Winchester / Olin with new 1984 brass cases with “W C C 84" Head-Stamp and crimped case tip.

WARNING, blanks can kill you, as they are not dummy cartridges, they are live cartridges with a primer and powder, however no solid projectile. They are filled with paper, cardboard, plastic, other material  or they have a crimped case to hold the powder in the case.  They produce a very powerful shock wave which can kill at close range.
Blanks are used in movies, funeral, parades, races, grenade launchers, nail drivers, for firearm practice and other uses.

  • Manufacturer: WCC, Western Cartridge Company

.50 BMG #6, Live "BLANK", WCC 84 H/S, One Cartridge Not A Box.

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