.375 H&H Mag. 4.) Rimless, Kynoch, Copper Point, One Cartridge
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One Cartridge , not the Box! : .375 Holland & Holland, rimmless, created by Kynoch of London, England using (then) new Kynoch Brass cases with "KYNOCH 375 MAGNUM " Head-Stamp and loaded with a Special Copper Point, FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) projectile with cannelure showing. Nice patina, very minor spots or nicks for age.

History of the .375 Holland and Holland cartridge: 
The 375 Holland & Holland or 375 H&H (for short) was introduced in 1912 in England by the
Holland and Holland Company in both Belted Rimless and Flanged (Rimmed) cartridges.
This cartridge has more then stood the test of time, and is one of the most widely used cartridges in the world today.
It is used in on the great plains Africa, North America and the rest of the world..
This caliber's case has also been changed to produce 100's of different wildcat cartridges and many new SAAMI registered calibers over the last 100 plus years .

  • Manufacturer: Kynoch, England

.375 H&H Mag. 4.) Rimless, Kynoch, Copper Point, One Cartridge

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