.450-400 N.E. 3", Eley, Nickel JSP, One Cartridge Not a Box!
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One Cartridge not a Box: .450-400 Nitro Express, very early 3" case by Eley of England, factory loaded using new (then new) Eley brass 3"  long cases with a “ · ELEY · 450/400 NITRO" Head-Stamp and loaded with a 400 grain NCJSP ( Nickel Coated Jacketed Soft Point) projectile. Very early , nice patina specimen.

History of the .450-400 Nitro Express cartridge:

The 450/400 Nitro Express or 400 Jeffery Nitro Express was introduced in 1907 by Jeffery to replace the 450/400 BPE, in 3&¼" cases and later in 3" cases. .
(B.P.E. for Black Powder Express). (Nitro Express for Smokeless Powder or Cordite in 1907)
The 3" version case will have both “450-400 Nitro Express” and “400 Nitro Express” Head-stamps.
The 3" case version was introduced after the 3 & ¼""case version, as some of the 3 & ¼" cases  would stick inside the chamber of the older 3 & ¼" case  B.P.E rifles after firing.

  • Manufacturer: Eley Brothers of London, England

.450-400 N.E. 3", Eley, Nickel JSP, One Cartridge Not a Box!

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