6.5x50mm Japanese, 139gr. JSP, One Box of 20 Carrtridges
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One Box of 20 Cartridges Cartridge: 6.5x50 Japanese, new, made with New  PPU Brass and loaded with a 139 grain  JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) Projectile and to SAAMI Standards  (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturing Institute Inc)

 History of the 6.5x50mm Japanese Cartridge:
The 6.5x50mm Japanese was introduced in 1897. based on the 6.5mm Mauser & Mannlicher cartridges and was used by the Japanese Military in the Model 38 Japanese bolt-action rifle until the end of  World War II. It has a "Semi-Rimmed" Case and is a short cartridge compared to most 6.5mm diameter Military cartridges.
Many Japanese Model 38 in 6.5x50mm were brought back into the USA after World War II and some rifles were re-chambered to other calibers,  due to the shortage of ammunition, so make sure your rifle is truly chambered in 6.5x50 Japanese before buying ammunition for it.

  • Manufacturer: P.C.I. = Precision Cartridge Company

6.5x50mm Japanese, 139gr. JSP, One Box of 20 Carrtridges

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