.333 OKH, Belted & Rimless, 2 Different cartridges sold as 1 set
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Please note in the above pictures:
Left Picture, cartridge on Left is the .333 OKH “BELTED" with Correct “OKH Headstamp (top Right picture)
Left Picture cartridge on Right is the .333 OKH “RIMLESS” made from a 30-06 case and 30-06 headstamp (bottom Right picture)

2 Different Cartridges: .333 OKH Belted and .333 OKH Rimless.  Made from new Brass. This is live ammunition

The .333 OKH (Belted) with “Correct Headstamp” is a wildcat originally produced from necking down the .338 Winchester Magnum(.338" Caliber) to accept (.333 caliber) bullets, it also has a steeper neck with a (Weatherby like) radius neck.

The  .333 OKH (Rimless)  is a wild cat cartridge produced from 30-06 cases (.30" caliber) necked up to accept .333" (.333 caliber) bullets.

History of the OKH cartridges:

The OKH wildcat cartridges were first developed in the 1940s.
The OKH ( O’Neil-Keith-Hopkins") for the load designers, Charles O’Neil, ( a great custom firearms maker) Don Hopkins (famous dangerous game hunter) , and Elmer Keith (famous firearm writer)
These were famous men in the wildcat and rifle fields back in the day. Working out loads, shooting and experimenting with wildcats, which many will know cartridges came about in today’s marketplace
Here are a few of the OKH wildcats”
.265 OKH from the .30-06 Sprinfield case
.285 OKH from the .30-06 Springfield case
.333 OKH “Belted” from .338 Winchester Magnum case
.333 OKH ”Rimless” from .30-06 Springfield case
.334 OKH from the.300 H&H Magnum case
.424 OKH from the .375 H&H Magnum case
.475 OKH from the .375 H&H Magnum case.
There was also some others the men produced including:
.250 O’Neil from the .30 Newton case,
and two experimental
6mm OKH from the 338 Winchester Magnum case
7mm OKH from the .375 H&H Magnum case.( also called the .280 OKH by some people.

  • Manufacturer: Custom loaded for A Call to Arms, LLC

.333 OKH, Belted & Rimless, 2 Different cartridges sold as 1 set

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