25-20 Single-Shot, New Box of 20, No Returns, Read Details!
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lNew Production, 25-20 Single-Shot. NOT 25-20 WCF or 25-20 Winchester!

On the above picture on right side: (Left 25-20 Single-Shot, Right 25-20 Winchester or also called 25-20 WCF)

Volume Discounts: Buy 2 boxes save $10.00, buy 3 boxes save $30.00 on total Order.

One Box of 20 cartridges: 25-20 Single Shot, New production using new brass cases and loaded with a 90 grain lead bullet, and to SAMMI specifications.


PLEASE READ: Due to the fact all the firearms that use this caliber are 100 (+-) years old, and many may have worn out barrels that will not allow proper pressure to build up or bad firing pins, we can not accept any returns. If this product does not work in your firearm, it is your 100 + year old firearm, not this "New" ammunition.

For you safety only fire in firearms in good condition, if you don't know, take it to a gunsmith.

For Single cartridges for collectors , please see below.

History of the .25-20 Single-Shot and/or 6.5x41Rmm:
NOT to be confused with the .25-20 WCF or .25-20 Winchester
The .25-20 Single Shot was designed by J. Franis Rabbeth a European designer of  metric cartridges, as the (metric)  6.5x41Rmm cartridge around 1982 for use in different single-shot rifles, Remington, Stevens, Maynard, etc. in Europe.
Later in the United States around 1886 the cartridge (under the American .25-20 Single Shot name) was introduced by the Union Metallic Company and later by a few other companies for use in USA single-shot rifles.
The cartridge was replaced by the more powerful.25-20 WCF (or .25-20 winchester)  in the mid. 1890s.

25-20 Single-Shot, New Box of 20, No Returns, Read Details!

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