.219 Zipper by Winchester SS H/S, JHP,  1 Cartridge not a box
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Obsolete for almost 60 Years! Last Produced in 1962.
Limited! One Cartridge per Customer on this item.
One Cartridge not a Box: .219 Zipper produced by Winchester,with (then) new Winchester brass cases with the “SUPER SPEED 219 ZIPPER” Head-Stamp and loaded with the Winchester's “Cone Shaped” 56 grain Jacketed Hollow Point, or JSP Projectile. Due to age may have some tarnish or Patina, otherwise excellent condition,

History othe 219 Zipper cartridge:

The 219 Zipper started as a wildcat cartridge & necking down the 25-35 Winchester from 25 caliber to .22 caliber.
This increased the velocity from 2,800 feet per second in the 25-35 to up to 3,700 feet per second in the Zipper, which made the Zipper none of the fastest varmint cartridge for it's day in 1937.
Then in 1937, Winchester Repeating Arms in 1937 to be used in their lever-action Model 64 rifle, flowed by other rifle makers: Marlin Model 336 rifle, etc....
The rifle has been obsolete since 1963, and the factory ammunition by major manufactures has not been made for 59 years (1962)or more at this writing and now a hard to find collectible.

  • Manufacturer: Winchester / Western Company

.219 Zipper by Winchester SS H/S, JHP, 1 Cartridge not a box

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