Cowboy .45 Special, 180 gr. Lead, One cartridge not a box.
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Limit one cartridge per Customer on this item.

Please Note: in the above picture on the right in black for size comparison: Left is Cowboy .45 Special vs  Rightv .45 Colt.

One Cartridge, not a box: Cowboy .45 Special by the American Cowboy Company, using new brass cases with “COWBOY 45 SPL” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 180 grain lead projectile.  

History of Cowboy .45 Special Creedmoor Wildcat cartridge:
Like the 44 Special is a shorten venison of the 44 Magnum, the Cowboy 45 Special is a shorten, reducedlower load, lower recoil version of the 45 Colt, and meant to be used in 45 Colt revolvers.
This cartridge began sometime around 2005 and was a proprietary load marketed by “Adirondack Jack” of Gloversville, NY mostly no longer in service.
Jack had the brass made and head-stamped “COWBOY 45 SPL” by Starline Brass Company and in a letter in Dec. 2012, he closed shop after selling over 500,000 cases.
He sold his operation to Ken & Carolyn Rucker of Speedbump Stockworks, in San Antonio, TX, who carried on production orders & sales until January, 2015 when the caliber was sold to American Cowboy Ammo Company.

  • Manufacturer: American Cowboy Ammo Company

Cowboy .45 Special, 180 gr. Lead, One cartridge not a box.

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