8mm Nambu, #8., "QUAL-CART" H/S, One Cartridge Not A Box !
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One Brass Case, not live, NOT A BOX!: 8mm Japanese Nambu,  USA production post war, current production by *Quality Cartridge Company, brass cases with "QUAL-CART 8nn NAMBU" Head-Stamp.

* Quality Cartridge Company, Maryland only produces brass cases , mostly for home loaders.

History of the 8mm Nambu cartridge:

The 8mm Japanese Nambu was the introduced in 1904 for theNambu semi-auto pistol, and became the official Japanese pistol cartridge until the end of World War II.

The pistol was only used by Japan in military action.
The cartridge was and still is made by only a few very small manufacturers.

The projectile diameter is .320 " in diameter.

  • Manufacturer: Quality Cartridge Company, Maryland, USA

8mm Nambu, #8., "QUAL-CART" H/S, One Cartridge Not A Box !

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