C. 8mm Mauser JS, for the CIA, 1952, One Cartridge not a Box!!
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ONE CARTRIDGE, NOT A BOX!: 8mm Mauser JS, produced in Canada by 3 makers *(see below) the head-stamp “7.92 MM 44": the "MM" seem to have no meaning, the "7.92" is the caliber or 8mm Mauser, the "44" is not for 1944 but for 1952. Brass case loaded with FMJ projectile, boxer primed.

*About the maker and head-stamp:
They were produced in Canada by the Dominion Cartridge Company, Canadian Industries Ltd., which were bought by Industries Vacartier (owned by General Dynamics).
Long story shortened:
They were produced for sale to China and Israel, and the United States’s CIA for use by insurgents in Central and South America.
The controversial “MM” on the head-stamp meaning seems to be unknown. The 44 is not for 1944 but is for 1952 to confuse other governments of the maker or who they came from .
Other headstamps produced were: 41 for 1948, 42 for 1950, 43 for 1951, 45 for 1953 and later.

*Above is according to the Book “7.92x57 Mauser Ammunition for collectors, Volume 2: Countries of the World by Geremy M. Chubbuck” these cartridges have a very interesting deceptive head-stamp.  

  • Manufacturer: D.C.: Dominion Cartridge Company of Canada

C. 8mm Mauser JS, for the CIA, 1952, One Cartridge not a Box!!

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