.38 AMU by Western Cartridge Co., 1 Cartridge not a Box!
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Please Note: This is not a 38 S&W or 38 S&W Special!

Please note: In picture, regular 38 Special (Rimmed) vs, 38 A.M.U. (Semi-Rimless)

Please Note: Orders on this item are limited to 1 cartridges per collector!

One Cartridge, not a box: .38 A.M.U. (Army Marksmanship Unit) Cartridge. Special run by Western Cartridge Companny  in the mid to late 1960s, for the U.S. Military. It is basically a “Semi-Rimless .38 Special” with a WESTERN 38 SPL SR" Head-Stamp (SR for Semi-Rimless) and loaded with a lead Wad Cutter projectile.

Please See: Remington Arms Company version of the 38 AMU below in related items below.

History of the 38 A.M.U. cartridge:

The 38 AMU or A.M.U. for Army Marksmanship Unit is a (semi-rimmed) cartridge vs. the .38 S&W Special (rimmed) cartridge and introduced for the 1964 Army National Match used in special 1911 pistols made by Colt  with Drake Slides.
To my knowledge Remington Arms Company, Western Cartridges Company and Federal Cartridge Company produced small amounts of this caliber, however it was never offer to the general public.
Now long obsolete.

  • Manufacturer: WCC, Western Cartridge Company

.38 AMU by Western Cartridge Co., 1 Cartridge not a Box!

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