.267 Remington Experimental RimFire, One Cartridge not a box.
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Please Note: This cartridge was never introduced to the general public, and was only used in testing at the factory before World War II.
Please Note: in above, right picture for size comparison: Left to Right, 267 Remington R.F., 22 Winchester Magnum R.F., and 22 Long Rifle R.F.

One Cartridge not a box: .267 Remington, Experimental, Rim-Fire cartridge factory loaded by Remington with  Nickel plated brass case, loaded with a lead projectile. Very limited item, and strict limit of one cartridge per collector customer.

History of the Experimental .267 Remington Rim-fire Cartridge:
Some years before World War II, Remington Arms Company experimented with a number of powerful rimfire cartridges with some 30 variations in .23 to .32 caliber to replace the 25 Stevens rim-fire cartridge.
The .267 was the cartridge chosen to be marketed and test cartridges were produced at the Peters and Remington factories to be tested in the Remington, Experimental, Model 610  bolt-action rifle; however, when World War II came, the war effort became far more important.
After World War II, other ideas and concepts came along and the .267 was never revived into production.
There were 5 different head stamps and also proof & dummy factory cartridges were also known to have been produced.

  • Manufacturer: REM-UMC, older Remington Co.

.267 Remington Experimental RimFire, One Cartridge not a box.

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