40-82 Win. WCF, W.R.A H/S, “W” on primer, 1 cartridge not a box.
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Please Note; for cartridges app. 90 years old, this cartridge is near mint I consider these MINT, with very nice partia. For not mint, at less cost, please see below in related items.

Please note:One Cartridge, not the Box; the picture of the box is for reference only, the cartridges for sale came from the box in the picture.

One cartridge, not a box: 40-82 Winchester WCF, by Winchester Repeating Arms Company before 1935, using (THEN) new Winchester cases with “W.R.A. Co. 40-82 W.C.F.” headstamp and a “Won the copper oval primer and loaded with a “260 grain Metal Patched Bullet” per label on box.

History of the 40-82 Winchester WCF:
The 40-82 Winchester WCF for (Winchester Center Fire) was introduced in 1885 for the Winchester Model 1886 Lever-Action Repeater rifle, a Marlin Lever-Action rifle and a single shot rifle. The term 40-82 stands for .40 caliber (.40" diameter bullet) and 82 grains of black powder originally used, however , in the early 1900s the cartridge was converted to smokerles power, by Kept the name, even less tha n 82 grains of smokerless would of been used.
The cartridge was used for most North American big game hunting in the early 1900s.
It was loaded by W.R.A. Co. for (Winchester Repeating Arm Company) and a few other major ammunition companies up to the mid-1930s.
You may still find a few small companies making the caliber by forming from .45 Basic cases, but with the ammunition shortages of 2020 to 2022, it may be a long time before you see any available as of this writing (07/22/2022).

  • Manufacturer: W.R.A., Older Winchester Repeating Arms Company

40-82 Win. WCF, W.R.A H/S, “W” on primer, 1 cartridge not a box.

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