.19 HSM by HSM, 32gr Sierra Blitz King, One Cartridge not a Box.
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In the above picture on the right, Left .19 HSM, Middle: 5.7 Johnson Spitfire, and Right: 30 Carbine.

One Cartridge not a Box: .19 HSM by HSM (Hunting Shack Munitions) factory loaded using new HSM brass cases with “( HSM ) 19" Head-Stamp and loaded with a 32 grain  Sierra Blitz King projectile.

History of the .19 HSM cartridge:
The .19 HSM is an experimental cartridge as of this writing (10/02/2022).
The cartridge is based on the 30 carbine necked down to .19 caliber. Yes, HSM told me a .19 caliber.
I used my calipers and read .1965" on the .19 HSM compared to .2005" on the 32 grain Hornady V-MAX in the 204 Ruger cartridge, so you be the judge on the real caliber.
According to HSM's Tactical department, the cartridge muzzle velocity for a 32 grain projectile is 3725 feet per second, not quite the 204 Ruger’s 4225 feet per second, but still not bad.
At the time of this writing (10/02/2022), HSM is not ready to say what firearm this cartridge will be used in or if and when it will become available to the general public, although, I would think it would be a get barrel converion in the 30 Carbine rifle and a lot of those out there in the USA.

  • Manufacturer: HSM for HS Munitions, Inc., USA

.19 HSM by HSM, 32gr Sierra Blitz King, One Cartridge not a Box.

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