.38-40 Winchester, 180 grain lead, Box of 50 cartridges.
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Box of 50 Cartridges.  38-40 Winchester also called .38 Winchester and  .38 WCF (Winchester Center Fire) made with new brass and loaded with a 180 grain lead projectile to the lower BP pressures for older firearms in good condition.

Please note: because this is a pistol and rifle cartridge it is listed in both categories. 

Please note: Single cartridges available, please see related items below.

History of the.38/40 Winchester Cartridge: The 38-40 Winchester was introduced originally as a black-powder cartridge in 1874 for the Winchester Model 73 Lever-Action rifle. It is basically a 44-40 case (which came out in 1873)  necked down to 38 caliber and with current smoke-less gun-powders it produces up to 500 foot pounds of energy and a velocity of 1,200 feet per second.  Like many multi-purpose cartridges this was chambered in both rifles and revolver. Still in use today.

  • Item #: PB.38-40LeadBox50
  • Manufacturer: Precision Cartridge Company

.38-40 Winchester, 180 grain lead, Box of 50 cartridges.

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