.25-35 Winchester by S&B, 117 Gr. JSP Box of 20 cartridges.
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One Box of 20 Cartridges: 25-35 Winchester by S&B with the  European designation headstamp of 6.5x52Rmm, loaded with new brass and a 117 JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectile. Loaded to SAAMI Specs.

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History of the 25-25 Winchester Cartridge: The 25-35 Winchester or .25-35 WCF (WCF for Winchester  Center-Fire) was introduced by Winchester in 1895 for the model 94 lever-action rifle. The cartridge was also popular in Europe chambered in many drillings and single shot rifles under the 6.5x52Rmm designation. This was considered a very accurate cartridge for the early center-fire cartridge days of the late 1800s and early 1900s and is still used today, but many major manufacturers no longer produce this caliber today, so I would call it almost obsolete.

  • Manufacturer: S&B , Sellier & Bellot

.25-35 Winchester by S&B, 117 Gr. JSP Box of 20 cartridges.

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