.264 Win. Mag., JSP, Box of 20, CLOSE OUT
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One box of 20 cartridges: .264 Winchester Magnum new PPU factory loaded on new brass cases and a 140 grain JSP (jacketed soft point) projectile.

We have single cartridges available for collectors, please see below in related items.

History of the 264 Winchester Magnum Cartridge: The 264 Winchester Magnum was introduced by Winchester around 1958 for the Model 70 Winchester bolt-action rifle. The cartridge was created be necking down the .458" or 458 Winchester  to 6.5 mm or .264" or 264 caliber projectiles and was the first 6.5mm American cartridge since the 1913 .256 Newton. With velocities to over 3,800 feet per second and energy over 3,000 foot pounds per square inch, this was a great long range mountain or plains, big game caliber, if not a bit hard on barrels.

  • Manufacturer: PPU Prvi Partizan

.264 Win. Mag., JSP, Box of 20, CLOSE OUT

Price: $44.99
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3 or more: $34.95 each
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