.218 Bee by Hornady, JHP 1 Box of 25 Cartridges.
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One Box of 25 Cartridges: .218 Bee by Hornady, new 2017 production, limited run using new brass cases with “Hornady .218 BEE” Head-Stamp and 45 grain JHP (jacket Soft Point) projectile.

Please Note: Single Cartridges for Collectors available see below in related items.

History of the.218 Bee cartridge:
The .218 Bee was introduced around 1938 by Winchester for the Model 65 lever-action rifle and the Winchester Model 43 bolt-action rifle, after World War II in .218 Bee.
The .218 Bee is basically a .32-20 Winchester case necked down to except .22-caliber projectiles, and is a mild varmint cartridge, similar to the .22 Hornet in ballistics..
Obsolete for many years, accept for a small run by Hornady in early 2017.

  • Manufacturer: Hornady Manufacturing Company, USA

.218 Bee by Hornady, JHP 1 Box of 25 Cartridges.

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