.375 JDJ, Thompson/Center H/S, One Cartridge, not the box!
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Please note: for newer, lower cost, shooting ammo in this caliber, see below in related items.

One cartridge, not a box!. 375 JDJ, special one time loading in 2004 by Hornady Manufacturing Companyfor the Thompson Center Company, using new brass cases with a special  "T/C 375 JDJ" highly Collectible Head-Stamp and loaded with 120 grain JSP (Jacketed Soft Point) projectiles.Very hard to find. 

Please Note, the bullet is dull, due to age and high amounts of copper in the Jacket, it can be polished with brass polish if needed.

History of 375 JDJ:

The 375 JDJ was designed by J. D. Jones of SSK Industries in 1978 as a Wildcat Cartridge, formed from the 444 Marlin "Parent" cartridge used in the custom JDJ barrel for the T/C Contender. The 375 JDJ was a "Wildcat" cartridge, until 2004, when Thompson Centerfire  (T/C) marketed this caliber as the "Hand Cannon", for T/C Contender and Encore barrels and firearms, and the cartridge was produced by Hornady for T/C in a very limited one time production.

  • Manufacturer: Thompson / Center

.375 JDJ, Thompson/Center H/S, One Cartridge, not the box!

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