577/.450 Martini-Henry by Kynoch, Lead, Box, collectible
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One Box of Ten Cartridges: .577/450 Martini-Henry (.45 Caliber or .45" diameter bullet, by Kynoch of England , older production using (then new) Kynoch  brass cases  with "KYNOCH 577/450" Head-Stamp and loaded with  a 480 grain Lead projectile.

Sold as a collectible box, may not fire !

Due to low inventory , one box  limit per customer.

PLEASE READ: Safe for firing in rifles in “Excellent Condition, if your in doubt, have your firearm checked by a good gunsmith, it is your responsibility, not ours to know you firearm is safe to shoot. SAFETY FIRST!
Please Note: Single cartridges of this item are available, see below in related items.
History of .577/450 Martini-Henry cartridge:   
The 577/450 Martini-Henry was adopted by the English Armed Forces in 1871 for use in the Martini-Henry single shot falling block rifle, which replaced the .577 Snider cartridge and Snider-Enfield Rifle.
The 557/450 cartridge was originally developed with a rolled, and was a coiled brass
case, later it evolved into solid brass case.
For such a widely used Military and Sporting Cartridge it is now a scarce item

  • Manufacturer: Kynoch, England

577/.450 Martini-Henry by Kynoch, Lead, Box, collectible

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