.45-90 Winchester by New, Lead 1 Cartridge not a box! Limit 2
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Limit 2 Cartridges per collector. Good for older rifles in Excellent* condition !  From the maker: "We load the 45/90 with a 405 grain lead bullet, the Western Powder manual show a “starting load” using 31.5 grains of AA5744 powder, we drop 32.0 grains to get a velocity of 1,375 fps. This is a LIGHT load.” If your not sure your rifle is in Excellent condition* take it to a good gunsmith. 

One Cartridge, not a Box: .45-90 Winchester, a.k.a. 45-90 WCF, NEW Production by PCI, loaded with new Starline Brass cases with “* STARLINE* 45-90” Head-Stamp and 405 Grain Lead Projectile.  Non-Corrosive! Reloadable!

History of .45-90 Winchester cartridge:   
The 45-90 Winchester Center-Fire or 45-90 WCF was introduced in 1886 for the Winchester 1886 Lever Action repeater rifle and 1885 single shot rifle and later used in the Marlin Model 1895 rifle.
The cartridge is almost the same as the famous shorter and current 45-70.
It is no longer made (at this writing) by Winchester, Remington or Federal, but may still be custom made in limited runs by other smaller manufacturers.

  • Manufacturer: P.C.I. = Precision Cartridge Company

.45-90 Winchester by New, Lead 1 Cartridge not a box! Limit 2

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