7x64mm Brenneke (Rimless) by S&B, JSP, Box of 20 cartridges
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One Box of 20 cartridges: 7x64mm Brennneke (Rimless) by S&B, new production with new S&B brass cases, loaded with a very interesting 173 grain  SPCE (Soft Point Cutting Edge) JSP (Jacketed Soft Point ) projectile.
Volume Discounts:
One Box of 20 @ $ 39.99 per Box               
 2 Boxes of 20 @ $ 34.99 per Box (Save $10.00 over one box cost)
 3 Boxes of 20 @ $ 29.99 per Box (Save $30.00 over one box cost)
Please Note: For rimmed or rimless single cartridges or boxes , please see below in related items.
History of the 7x64mmBrennneke (rimless) & 7x65Rmm Brenneke (rimmed) cartridges:
The 7x64mm Brenneke (rimless) cartridge was developed by Wilhelm Brenneke and was introduced in 1917 for us in the Mauser-action rifles.
The 7x65Rmm Brenneke is the rimmed version of the 7x64mm Rimless Brenneke for use in single shot, combination & drilling rifles. Same cartridge accept one is rimless and one is rimmed.

  • Item #: RB7x64mmBrennekeS&B173grJSP1Box
  • Manufacturer: S&B , Sellier & Bellot

7x64mm Brenneke (Rimless) by S&B, JSP, Box of 20 cartridges

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3 or more: $29.99 each
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