.577 Nitro Express 3", "JAMISON" H/S, 750 Solid, One Cartridge
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One Cartridge, not a box: 577 Nitro Express, "NEW" "LIVE! Custom  Loaded using new Jamison Brass cases with “577 NITRO EXP JAMISON” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 750 Solid Woodleigh projectile. Loaded to SAAMI Standards and ready to Shoot or Collect !

History of 577 Nitro Express cartridge: The 577 B.P. Express (B.P.= Black Powder) was introduced in the early 1870's, and  was changed to  the .577" Nitro Express in the early 1900's when it was loaded with "Cordite" smokeless powder.
Today this cartridge is loaded with regular smokeless powder as cordite is no longer in production. It was produced in 3 lengths: 2&3/4", 3" and  3&1/4" lengths). CODE 5994

  • Manufacturer: ammo-one.com Private Label

.577 Nitro Express 3", "JAMISON" H/S, 750 Solid, One Cartridge

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