The Howell Cartridge assortment of 6 Cartridges
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One Assortment of 6 Cartridges:  The Howell Cartridge assortment of 6 Cartridges by American Hunting Rifles. Consisting of .220 , .270, .300, .340, .350 and 380 Howell cartridges with correct head-stamps.

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As with many new cartridges, all will tarnish to a brown patina, most collectors like it, others will use brass polish to brighten them. We do not do this for you, as it is your choice.

History of the Howell cartridges:
The 6 Howell cartridges; .220 , .270, .300, .340, .350 and 380 were designed by well known firearms writer at the time in Ken Howell around the mid 1990s.
The Howell cartridges and the rifle  were produced American Hunting Rifles, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Ed Plummer in Hamilton, Montana, now owned by Wayne Jacobson, who closely worked with Ed as head of design and production for AHR or American Hunting Rifles, Inc.

  • Item #: R.HowellAssortmentOf6Cartridges
  • Manufacturer: AHR: American Hunting Rifles, Inc., USA
  • Condition: New

The Howell Cartridge assortment of 6 Cartridges

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