.600 Overkill by AHR, 9oo gr, FMJ, One Cartridge , not a Box !
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One Cartridge, not a box: .600 Overkill by American Hunting Rifles, Inc. Factory made with new brass cases with “600-OVERKILL-RG JI” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 900 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) projectile. Sold as a collectible only.  As with many new cartridges, all will tarnish to a brown patina, most collectors like it, others will use brass polish to brighten them. We do not do this for you, as it is your choice

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History of the.600 Overkill cartridge:
The 600 OK which was designed by Rob Garnick of Las Vegas, Nevada around 2000 and has become the leader in ultra big bore stopping power.  The case is his own original design and not from a 600 Nitro Express or any other case. Note the extreme rebated rim.

  • Item #: R.600OverkillByAHR1Cartridge
  • Manufacturer: AHR: American Hunting Rifles, Inc., USA

.600 Overkill by AHR, 9oo gr, FMJ, One Cartridge , not a Box !

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