.44-77 Sharps Remington, Limit two per Customer
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One Cartridge, not a box: 44-77 Sharps Remington, 2&1/4", new production by PCI using new JBA brass cases with “44-77 SHARPS JBA” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 365 grain lead projectile.

History of the 44-77 Sharps cartridge:
The 44-77 Sharps or 44-77 Sharps & Remington was introduced in 1869 for the Sharps Model 1896 breech-loading rifle and also for the Remington-Hepburn or No. 3 rifle.
The 2¼-inch Sharps bottle-necked case was loaded with 3 different loading which lead to 3 different names: .44-70 was loaded with 70 grains of black powder, the .44-75 was loaded with 75 grains of black powder and the .44-77 was loaded with 77 grains of powder. Same case but three different powder loads.

  • Manufacturer: P.C.I. = Precision Cartridge Company

.44-77 Sharps Remington, Limit two per Customer

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