.20 Tactical, Dakota, Obsolete, One Cartridge not a Box LIMIT 1!
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One Cartridge, not a Box: 20 Tactical by Dakota, loaded with new Special Lapua Brass case with “TA 20TAC.” Head-Stamp with Dakota & Lapua insignias. Loaded with a 40 Grain, Berger,  Match Grade JHPBT ( Jacketed Hollow Point Boat-Tail) Projectile


History of the 20 Tactical cartridge:
The 20 Tactical began as a wildcat cartridge, developed by Todd A. Kinder, starting in the spring of 2000. It was based on the .223 Remington (5.56x45mm) NATO cartridge, necked down to .22" caliber (.223" Diameter) to 20 caliber (.195" Diameter), with a steeper 30" degree shoulder and longer neck.
At first it was called the "Tactical 20" but when Dakota standard the caliber, they called it the  "20 Tactical ".
Soon after Dakota had brass made to produce the cartridges and rifle, they dropped the idea due to the 204 Ruger introduction. Making this caliber a rare and hard to find item.
NOW OBSOLETE for 15 years or so and not coming back

History of the Dakota Arms Company:
Dakota Arms in Sturgis, South Dakota was founded in 1987 by Don Allen  and his wife Norma, to produce high-grade hunting rifles based on a design worked up by Don Allen and Pete Grisel. The First Rifle produced was the Dakota Model 76, and immediate success, and was soon joined by other variations, including the Varinter, Model 76 African, Model 76 Custom, Miller Classic, Model 97, Model M-97 Deluxe, and a few more.
Don and Pete developed nine great proprietary cartridges, some based on the 404 Jeffery and 416 Rigby cases.
Don Allen pasted away in 2003 and soon after, Norma Allen, his wife sold the company. The new owners brought other lines under the Dakota name including  Miller Arms , Dan Walter and Nesika Bay Precision.  Until they sold to Remington Company, Inc. , owned subsidiary DA Acquisitions LLC in June 5, 2009.
Still doing very well today 2018, some consider Dakota the make of the finest rifles available today.

  • Manufacturer: Dakota Arms

.20 Tactical, Dakota, Obsolete, One Cartridge not a Box LIMIT 1!

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