8mm Japanese Nambu, Box of 50 cartridges, read details!
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Please Note. The 8mm pistols are notorious for broken firing pins and bad springs. If your pistol does not fire, do not blame the new ammo, it is your 80 year old pistol that is in need of repair. This ammo is tested regularly and works 100% in a good functioning firearms.

One Box of 50 cartridges. 8mm Japanese Nambu, pistol cartridge, "New Production" using new brass cases loaded  with FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) Projectile. Loaded to SAAMI Specs.

8mm Nambu cartridge history: The 8mm Japanese Nambu was the introduced in 1904 for the Nambu semi-auto pistol, and became the official Japanese pistol cartridge until the end of World War II. The pistol was only used by Japan in military action. The cartridge was and still is made by only a few very small manufacturers. The projectile diameter is .320 " in diameter. 

8mm Japanese Nambu, Box of 50 cartridges, read details!

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