8mm Japanese Nambu, New Producton, Box of 50,
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Please Read: Due to the issues with 75+ year old 8mm Nambu pistols not functioning correctly and the untrained users blaming the ammunition and not the fact it is the pistol that is not functioning correctly, please have your firearm fixed if you have an issue, it is not the ammunition. This ammo is tested regularly and works 100% in a good functioning firearm.

One Box of 50 cartridges. 8mm Japanese Nambu, pistol cartridge, "New Production" by PCI using new brass cases loaded  ith 83 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) Projectile. Loaded to SAAMI Specs.

  • Item #: PB8mmNambuOneBox50FMJ83Grain
  • Manufacturer: Precision Cartridge Company

8mm Japanese Nambu, New Producton, Box of 50,

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