.577 Snider, B/P, Early Kynoch, One Cartridge , not a Box!
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Limited to One Cartridge per Customer.

One Cartridge, not the box: .577 Snider Black Powder Cartridge, very early production by Kynoch of England using (then) new Kynoch brass cases with a “KYNOCH .577.S” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 480 grain lead projectile.

History of the .577 Snider Black Powder Cartridge:
The .577 Snider Black Power Cartridge was adopted by the British Military in 1867, first tested and used in converted 1853 Pattern muskets, then a small amount of converted Enfield rifles, and finally the (then) new Snider rifle in 1866.
The first cartridges was a cardboard paper body with a metal base similar to a shot-shell, then later to this brass case.
The 577 Snider was replaced in 1871 by the 577/450.

  • Item #: BR.577SniderB/P450grLeadKynoch1
  • Manufacturer: Kynoch, England
  • Condition: New

.577 Snider, B/P, Early Kynoch, One Cartridge , not a Box!

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