.256 Win. Mag.Western, "SUPER-X" 1 Cartridge not a Box.
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One Cartridge not a Box: .256 Winchestwer Magnum by the older Western Cartridge Company loaded with a 60 grain Conical JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) projectile with a "Super-X 256 WIN MAG" head-stamp. Due to age may not fire, sold as a collectible, no returns.

History of the .256 Winchester Magnum cartridge:

The .256 Winchester Magnum a/k/a .256 Win. Mag., is based on the 357 Magnum necked down to .257" (6.5mm) and was introduced appx. 1963 for the special Ruger "single shot" Hawkeye. It was later used in the Marlin Model 62 lever action rifle and a few other rifles. It has been obsolete since appx. 1990, except for a special run in 2016, which is this item for sale.

  • Manufacturer: WCC, Western Cartridge Company

.256 Win. Mag.Western, "SUPER-X" 1 Cartridge not a Box.

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