.457 WWG (Wild West Magnum) One Cartridge, Not A Box!
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Please Note: in the above picture on the right side black picture, left to right: 30 WWG, 35 WWG, 457 WWG vs 45-70 for size comparison.

MAXIMUM is one cartridge per customer on this item.

One Cartridge not a Box:  457 Wild West Gun proprietary Cartridge, produced by HSM for Wild West Guns, loaded with a 350 grain Swift A-Frame projectile in a older "First Run" with "Nickel Plated" Brass case with “ WILD WEST GUN 457 WWG” Head-Stamp. Future cases will be brass only.

History of the 457 Wild West Gun proprietary Cartridge:
The 457 WWG proprietary cartridge was introduced in 2001 and was designed by Jim West of Wild West Guns Company in Alaska .
The 457 WWG proprietary cartridge is based on the 45-70 cases strengthened and lengthened to handle pressures of 43,000 pound per square inch vs. 28,000 for the 45-70 Government
The 457 WWG proprietary cartridge  fires a 350 grain, 45 caliber bullet at about 2,300 feet per second.                      
History of the Wild West Guns:
Wild West Guns was founded by Jim West of Anchorage, Alaska in 1992.
They are known not for being on the Discovery Channel with their own TV show (Wild West Alaska), but also for being one of the best gunsmithing stores in the USA, if not the world.
They first obtained recognition for their Race Guns, and subsequently developed and introduced in 1999 the now world-famous CoPilot, a lever-action, take-down rifle, chambered in 45-70 Government.
Later in 2001 with the new 457 Wild West Gun proprietary cartridge, and  2021 the 30WWG and 35 WWG proprietary cartridges became available.

  • Manufacturer: Wild West Guns

.457 WWG (Wild West Magnum) One Cartridge, Not A Box!

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