.357 Remington. Maximum by Jamison, 1 Box of 20 Cartridges.
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One Box of 20 cartridges: 357 Remington Maximum by Jamison USA, loaded with new brass cases with 158 grain JHP (jacketed hollow point) projectile.

Please Note: this cartridge is listed in both pistol and rifle categories.

 357 Remington Maximum Cartridge History: The 357 Maximum was introduced in 1983 by Remington and the Ruger Co. for the Ruger Blackhawk Revolver Pistol, and a year later for the Dan Wesson revolver. The cartridge was too stressful for the revolvers and was dropped some time ago by Remington, the only maker of this caliber at the time. It is now only used in the Thompson/Center Single Shot Contender, in pistol or rifle barrels.This is an obsolete pistol cartridge as no major manfacturers are now making this caliber; however, Jamison USA did a special run in 2016.

The 357 Maximum case is 1.593" long, vs. 1.279" on Winchesters 357 Magnum.

Below please find the older Remington Factory Loaded and some newly made in U.S.A. Custom Loaded Shooting Ammunition.


  • Manufacturer: Jamison International VLLC

.357 Remington. Maximum by Jamison, 1 Box of 20 Cartridges.

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