.350 Legend by Winchester, FMJ, One Cartridge not a Box
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Due to ammo shortage, limit one cartridge per collector!

Please note on the above pictures;  picture on the right is for size comparison: Left is 300 Blackout, Center is 350 Legend, right is .223 Remington. 

One Cartridge not a Box: .350 Legend by Winchester USA. Also called the Winchester 350 Legend. New production by Winchester with “WINCHESTER 350 LEGEND ” Head-Stamp and loaded with a 145 grain  FMJ (Full Metal Jacket)  projectile.

History of the.350 Legend cartridge:

The 350 Legend, also called the Winchester 350 Legend, was introduced by Winchester in 2019.

At the time of this writing in April 2019 Winchester states on their web-site: “The World’s Fastest-Straight Walled Hunting Cartridge with 20% less recoil than the .243 Winchester and 20% more penetration." Some people and I disgree, but the cartridge does pack a lot for it size.

This cartridge will be used in the new Winchester lightweight bolt-action XPR rifle line and also in the AR-15 platform rifles, making this yet another of many in the AR-15 category.
Current loads available will be in various projectiles and weights from 145 to the 265 grain (265 grqain is subsonic), with the 145 grain FMJ moving at 2350 feet per second and producing  muzzle energy of 1778 foot pounds per square inch.

This cartridge is reminiscence of the old WSL (Winchester Self Loading) cartridges in  .32, .35, .351 and .401 calibers, which led to the .30 Carbine cartridge used in the famous small 30 Carbine machine gun used in World War II.

  • Manufacturer: Winchester / Olin, todays company

.350 Legend by Winchester, FMJ, One Cartridge not a Box

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