.30 M1 Carbine,1943 Winchester "DUMMY" One Cartridge not a Box!
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Limited to  One cartridge per customer
One Cartridge, not a box: .30 Carbine or .30 M1 Carbine 1943 Dummy Cartridge by Winchester, Factory produced to be used in the Winchester Firearms factory to test M1 and M1A Carbine actions in World War II era and they were not offered to the general public.
Nickel finished brass case with no hole in the "empty" primer pocket and "W.R.A. 43" Head-Stamp (W.R.A. = Winchester Repeating Arms) and (43 = 1943 production) with 110 grain FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) projectile.

History of the .30 M1 Carbine Cartridge:
The 30 Carbine was introduced by Winchester in 1940 for the U.S. Military Department as a modified 32 Self-Loading Cartridge of 1906.
It was adopted by the US Military in 1941 for the M-1 Carbine rifle and was used in World War II for short range engagements.

  • Manufacturer: W.R.A., Older Winchester Repeating Arms Company

.30 M1 Carbine,1943 Winchester "DUMMY" One Cartridge not a Box!

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